Ninebot Canada

Novem Distribution Inc.

Novem Distribution Inc. is a distribution company founded by a team of managers from different areas, including transportation, sale, import and export, technology and, of course, distribution.

The diversity of expertise Novem Distribution Inc. combined with its organizational structure and its desire to successfully convinced Ninebot to grant him the exclusive distribution of the full range of Ninebot products in Canada.

Moreover,  Novem inc. Distribution is aware of the ecological and advanced new alternative transportation issues, we act in order to democratize the use of eco-mobility solutions. We recommend our products to individuals for daily use, and help companies to improve their productivity, working conditions and environmental impact by providing non-standard vehicles, low maintenance, and easy to use.

Our choice is affordable, innovative and above all reliable. Novem distribution inc. Does not wish to commercialize products whose longevity or reliability have not been tested beforehand. We focus 100% satisfaction of our customers, so we have put in place an efficient after-sales service and easily accessible.